Micronor SAS, a family-owned company, is a group of several divisions:

  • Micronor 7 DOLOY, founded in 1950, specialises in hermetic seals: Glass-Metal sealing, low- and high- temperature brazing (Ceramic-Metal, Metal-Metal, Sapphire-Metal, Quartz-Metal).
  • Micronor TS INDUSTRIE, founded in 1968, specialises in electroplating and precious metal applications for industry.
  • Micronor TS DÉCORATION, founded in 2008, specialises in electroplating and precious metals applications for the world of fashion and luxury.

Micronor is world renowned for the production of high-quality and precision parts, whether small or medium series, or prototypes made to order

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The know-how and passion of our engineers and technicians gives Micronor SAS a privileged place in very varied and demanding fields of activity, even in critical environments.


The experience of our research department over many years, on various prototypes and projects, allows it to respond to complex and new technical problems.


The unequalled dexterity of our technicians and our mastery of the processes ensures the exceptional loyalty of our customers, who acclaim the constancy of the very high quality of the products.

In numerous business sectors

For the industrial fields: Aeronautics, Aerospace, Medical, Instruments of analysis and measurement, Optics, Oil, Telecommunications, etc.

For the “decoration” activity: Haute couture jewellery, Luxury leather goods, Goldsmith’s art, etc.