Electrolitic surface treatments

Micronor TS-Industrie is recognised for its expertise in the field of electroplating and its applications in precious metals.

Thanks to its experience since 1973Micronor TS-Industrie continues to develop state-of-the-art technologies, e.g. in industrial, aeronautical and military “critical” environments.

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Various inputs/outputs


Micronor 7 Doloy and Micronor TS-Insdustrie

The complementary nature of the solution between Micronor 7 Doloy (specialist in glass-metal and ceramic-metal hermetic seals) and Micronor TS-Industrie, the two industrial divisions of Micronor SAS, allows their customers to benefit from a complete solution, as well as optimum delivery times, through support until the parts are finished.


Micronor TS-Industrie offers its customers a variety of equipment and tools, allowing electrolytic deposition treatments:

  • in bulk in the barrel
  • in vibration or on the rack
  • in thick or thin widths
  • in total or selective deposit.

Base and precious metals

Electrolytic deposits: precious metals:

  • Semi-gloss silver
  • Gloss Palladium-Nickel
  • Various gildings: Cobalt-doped gold (Nickel or Indium), hard pure gold (140HV), semi-gloss pure gold (99.99%) for the sealing test used for the Spatial, all-weather gilding (300-350 HV)

Electrolytic deposits: base metals:

  • Copper plating
  • Gloss or semi-gloss nickel plating
  • Medium or high phosphorus chemical nickel
  • Pure gloss tin plating
  • Gloss tin-lead 60/40
  • Cadmium and zinc plating
  • Sulphuric-acid anodizing
  • Alodine 1200
  • Cold stainless steel passivation


Our design office

As an expert, Micronor TS-Industrie accompanies you in your plans and specifications.

Our design office advises you on the best solutions adapted to your needs, helps you to develop precise specifications and can develop a sample prototype or pre-series (for quick approval).

The know-how and experience of Micronor TS-Industrie’s engineers and chemical technicians guarantees the best solution for your technical requirements.

If necessary, they can advise you on the choice of the material to use for the “body” or / and the process to be used upstream to achieve the ideal piece.

Our Inspection Office

Micronor TS-Industrie is historically renowned for the high quality of its products and their extreme reliability, even when subjected to harsh environments (e.g. Space or Military). This requirement goes through a systematic, thorough inspection: (non-exhaustive list)

  1. Appearance: Visual inspection and / or under Binocular (x10 to x40), microscopy analysis (x100 to x10,000)
  2. Thickness: Non-destructive method (X-ray fluorescence: single-layer, bi-layer, tri-layer analysis) or destructive method (micrographic section)
  3. Adhesion: Pullout test, Crushing test, Folding, Twisting, Crimping, Steaming or hot and / or cold thermal shock test (-55°C / +155°C)
  4. Corrosion: Nitrogen vapour or dipping tests, Mono sulphide test, Thioacetamide test, Artificial sweat test, Climate test


Micronor TS-Industrie can propose additional tests on request.